Dear CMCP Conference Volunteers,

Thank you for signing up to volunteer. Please review the information on this page prior to arriving for your first volunteer shift.

Review the day(s) and shifts for which you’ve signed up to volunteer. If for any reason you are no longer able to volunteer or you need to make a change, please contact Nishan Ardon right away (

Dress attire is business formal. Bring business cards.

Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your volunteer shift. Enter the lobby and come upstairs to the 2nd floor via the escalator, and go to the CMCP Registration Desk to your right.

Indicate you are a Volunteer and check-in to the registration system. You will receive a name badge and be directed to your volunteer assignment by the CMCP/Kennedy Events Volunteer Coordinator.

Familiarize yourself with the conference agenda, as you will likely get questions from attendees about this. The agenda is located here: There will also be printed program guides at the registration desk.

Download the CMCP2017 28th Annual Business Conference mobile app. This has all the info about the conference. For Apple iOS, Click Here; For Google Android, Click Here

The CMCP conference will take place at the L.A Hotel Downtown:
333 S. Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Hotel telephone: 213-617-1133

Parking / Transport:
The hotel has a parking garage, however, CMCP does not provide parking validation.
There are several other parking ramps nearby that likely have better rates than the hotel.

Additional information for volunteers:

Volunteers can attend the breakfasts, however, volunteering tasks must be given priority. Volunteers will be provided meal and rest breaks.

The Thursday lunches are full and only the volunteers specifically assigned to assist with the coordination of each of the lunches can be present inside. Volunteers may not participate/engage in the programming beyond their assigned volunteer roles.

The Friday Recognition Lunch is full and volunteers may be able to attend only if there is space/capacity. This will be determined by the event planning team at that time.

Volunteers are welcome to network with conference attendees during the events and hand out business cards, so long as priority is given to volunteering tasks and there is follow-through.

Volunteers must check-in and check-out with Kennedy Events volunteer coordinator. Volunteers must also be checked-in through the CMCP on-site registration system upon their first arrival at the hotel.

We take your commitment to volunteer seriously. Volunteers who do not show-up will not be invited to participate in any CMCP activity.

If anything comes up and you need to reach me during the conference days, you can call or text Nishan Ardon at (510) 381-1750.

Thank You Sponsors